My Passion

A contest posted on All Poetry asking the question: What is your passion?
Rather than a constructed poem, I just wrote some thoughts.

I know I should but don’t,
have patience with those
who wish for death as though
it were a great adventure,
a solution to life’s troubles.

I know I should look forward
to heaven and a part of me does…
but I am in this world.
It’s all I know, though heaven is
dreamed of, prayed for.

Faith is a tricky thing.
I have it, but need more.
For now my passion is
divided between this world and
the next.

I love this earth, the sky, the sun.
The creatures that roam the land
and sky and seas are a wonder…
the sound of music or babies laughter
the feel of my husband’s hands.

The smell of coffee in the morning,
or gardenias in bloom,
the feel of sun on my face, and
cool grass under bare feet…
losing track of time in a good book.

So many things that I love,
and you ask what is my passion?
There are many things that
I could say. Music, writing, love
But the answer boils down to this:


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    1. Dee

      Oh back atcha Jae 🙂 Out of town and internet sketchy but I will catch up reading Sunday afternoon 🙂 I have read some but wanted to take time to comment properly 🙂

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