It’s About The Wings

AP contest Entry

For years and years I lived
inside a cage of my own making. I
don’t know how it was built. I only know
I somehow felt it and I woke one
day to bars and knowing I was looking out
and stuck within, but I am breaking free
and spreading wings and singing loud.
I’m taking off and soaring sky high. Why
you ask? I tell you now, that in the cage is
not a place for birds or people hearts and
not a second too soon says I. I fly
and wave goodbye to those
who stay in cages, though the bars are
breached. I reached and high and
higher even though the sun may scorch
the downy feathers freedom is a sweet
sweet song. The bounds are slipped and
gravity is just a dream I left behind inside
my mind I have the love, the hope, the
strength, to leave the planet, pass through
clouds and loudly take the flight. The light
will guide me. I will close my eyes, but
still I see with soul and heart and in the center
deep and true I know I flew and keep
the ground behind, below. It’s not for me,
for now I know that there is nothing holding me
to earth but fear and doubt. It’s not about
the cage.
It’s about the wings

Image unknown from photobucket

2 thoughts on “It’s About The Wings

  1. anno

    Love this poem and the strength of those perfect closing lines. But. Saw this yesterday after I’d spent part of the morning chasing down a duck that had flown the pasture. She was staying close to the fence, close to her sisters on the other side, but she was terrified of us, and couldn’t figure out how to make it happen on her own… had to wait her out until she was nearly exhausted by her own frantic efforts and the rest of the flock had given up on her and gone off foraging without her before we could catch her and toss her back over the fence. Gave me a different perspective on cages…

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