Take Your Turn

every day in rooms
that are never black and white
decisions are made
people are moved like
pieces on a game board
no monopoly on pain
the red queen wants to
live on boardwalk
but now she is unemployed
the duke of hearts is selling
a lifestyle on the corner
and you will pass go and
pay your money down if you
go that way the deck shuffled
up the ladders and down the
chutes every decision changing
the score and the ones who
hold the rule book keep
changing their minds
foreclose on this property
raise that one’s taxes
spend the retirement fund for
those guys they won’t have a clue
they will gesture all they want but
book or movie rights won’t make a
difference to the one with the
gun in the library whose health
insurance was canceled when
his wife needed an operation
the game of life is multi-colored
and we place our bets but the
only sure thing is in the end
our castles all fall to the white king

image credit: http://www.gallery4collectors.com/MLWalker-CastleKeep.htm

7 thoughts on “Take Your Turn

  1. michaelo

    Hello, Dee! Thanks for your message a while back, sorry I didn’t get a reply to you. I blogged an update the other day, finally feeling like I am on the mend. Digging this cascade of poetry here! Chess meets Monopoly meets real life kinda thing. “the only sure thing in the end our castles fall to the white king” … Man, that’s a loaded metaphor! Very cool. Happy and HEALTHY New Year!

    1. Dee

      it is so good to hear that you are feeling better. Don’t ever worry about answering – I just wanted you to know you were not forgotten. I will get over there to read this weekend!

  2. Jingle Poetry

    welcome sharing your poems with our poetry potluck today..

    you can link in 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, have fun.

    you got talent, keep it up.

  3. paschal

    I’m with Anno on this one, Dee. You swoop us up with the gameboard metaphors and then deliver the knockout punch. And what a punch. Glad you made this one.

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