Mateo and the Dragon

Three Word Wednesday CCXXIII moist, yelp, harmless

This is for my friend Matthew – get well soon!

Long ago, when dragons still roamed the earth and magic was everywhere, there was a perfect kingdom, nestled in the southern realm. Austonia was beautiful and there was plenty to eat and beautiful sights, but the most beautiful place was the castle where prince Mateo lived with the the wise and kind King and Queen and his younger brother.

Mateo was a brave prince and loved the King and Queen and his baby brother and he had a very good life.  He was kind and liked to learn and was growing taller and smarter every day.

Sometimes even the luckiest prince has some bad things happen and one day a dragon appeared outside of the castle. Mateo, being a brave prince, knew that he would have to be strong to defeat the dragon.  He put on his cloak and slipped outside the castle gates with his sword and a bag of magic potions that the wizard had given him.

The dragon was big with gold and green scales and mean black eyes.  His tail was huge with spikes on the end. He was spitting fire at the castle and scorching the beautiful stone walls.  Mateo yelled at the dragon to stop and the dragon was so shocked that he turned and stared at Mateo.

“Who are you that you should yell at a dragon.  You are small and I will have you for dinner! You should run now so I can chase you.” The dragon was very tall and towered over Mateo.

Mateo stood his ground though he was a little frightened. “I am prince Mateo and I am not running away, dragon.  I am afraid but I can be brave!”

The dragon screamed so high and so loud that it shook the walls and hurt Mateo’s ears. Mateo reached in his pocket and opened the bag of magic.  He took out a small bottle and drank it.  His ears felt better and he smiled at the dragon.  This made the dragon very angry and he slapped at Mateo.  Mateo ducked and the dragon was not able to grab him but he scratched Mateo’s eye.  It hurt and Mateo let out a yelp.  He was scared but he reached in his magic bag again and took out another bottle.  He put some moist, magic potion in his eye and it still hurt a little, but Mateo could tell it was getting better.

“I am still here dragon!  The dragon was so angry that he spun around and jumped up and down and Mateo stuck out his sword.  The dragon was so busy jumping up and down and making the ground shake that he didn’t see the sword and he landed right on it.  When the sword pierced the dragon’s great scales he made a hissing sound and flew around the outside of the castle shrinking until he was harmless and the size of a little green bug and Mateo quickly stepped on him and he was gone.  Just then the castle gate opened and there stood the king and peering from behind him was the lovely queen holding the baby prince Wyattello.

“Mateo you have saved the castle!  You are a very brave young prince!”  The King and Queen hugged him and took him inside to the royal kitchen where he had a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream and cake.

10 thoughts on “Mateo and the Dragon

  1. Jae Rose

    How lovely – standing up to a dragon and seeing it is only a bug..and cake and ice-cream…dessert fit for a prince! Nice to read some of your fiction again..Jae 🙂

  2. Paige Lewis

    Love it, Dee! This story is such a precious gift. I am going to read it to Matthew as soon as he gets home. I am going to print this out and make it into a story book that he can read at night. He loves a good story right before bed time. You are so thoughtful and creative, I wish I could get inside your head sometimes!

    1. Dee

      I read your facebook post about him being scared to open his eye and thought this might help a little.
      Give him a hug from me 🙂

    1. Dee Post author

      for my five year old friend who has had a rough time lately. He is beating the tar out of dragons though 🙂

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