My Words

my words
are tiny things
that once lived
in my heart
born in confusion
they became
complete surprise
grew in ways I
never thought of
and I pray they
will bear fruit
as they go on
to have lives of
their own

6 thoughts on “My Words

  1. anno

    Words have been hard to come by lately, thus few from me; always love your poetry, though. Not sure that the words actually stay with me, but they always rearrange the furniture, leave me with an interesting new view.

    1. Dee Post author

      I have been writing through a dry spot for awhile it seems but sometimes rearranging the furniture makes all the difference 🙂
      Perspective is everything.

  2. Sharp Little Pencil

    Dee, it’s so true. All those words, spilling out as if on a quilt, and one must sort them carefully. Some words have several faces, several meanings, like tricksters… ah, to be a poet is to live several lives at once! Loved this, and thx for visiting me!

    Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

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