Everyone Needs a Cat

All Poetry prompt: “Most people don’t pour a cup of bourbon on their milk and oatmeal in the morning. It’s just the way it is.” (Dan Fante)

Have no idea how or why I went here but here I am…

I went to visit a friend
and we sat
and talked
about nothing in
I enjoyed the warm
evening breeze
and sipped my drink,
laughed at a joke,
lulled by the sunset.
His cat jumped up on the
bench next to me.
I reached down to stroke
the damn thing and
next thing I know
blood is dripping
down my arm.
There is a lesson
I’m sure, but
for now
I just want a gun
and a bandage.

2 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Cat

  1. Dee Post author

    let me tell you – that cat is anything but easy going – she is demon possessed! She took a chunk of meat out of me lol

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