This Same Sunset

the evening sky was brilliant
rose and lavender and palest blue
gilded with the last rays
should have lifted my heart…

but as I looked I thought
under this same sky
a man goes home with
a cardboard box and a pink slip

someone searches rubble for
quake survivor
goes home with a hand full of
dust and tears

a father is shot in a protest
against a government
that cares nothing for his loss
while tv shows
bloodstained concrete

the remains of a child
lost sixteen years ago
are identified and a mother
goes to sleep with fresh grief

the weight of the sunset
was crushing
carrying this pain and worry
grief of a world all
breathing the same air
holding the same sky over
bowed heads and shoulders

I think to myself
we are all local
the clouds are golden over
all and the sun sets
to let each sleep or toss
waiting for dawn

I have nothing in my hands
to work or fight
except prayers and
love for my neighbor
who doesn’t know it’s there

I shrink to my tiny space
on a globe and feel the
smallness of my world
the smallness of my heart
marvel at God who
holds it all in His hands

including my tiny heart
and this sunset

2 thoughts on “This Same Sunset

  1. Jae Rose

    It is overwhelming to think that so many worlds and lives go by under the watch of one sun (or one God)..sometimes it takes the warmth away..but I hope your ‘tiny heart’ is well cradled (a big heart but just my opinion!)..Jae

    PS Your ‘Everybody Needs a Cat’ poem made me sister has a beautiful black cat with the vilest hates to be touched..and when visitng you definitely need a ‘gun and a bandage’ 😉

    1. Dee Post author

      I could have sworn I responded to this! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and stay away from that cat!! lol

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