Six Days

This was written in January for an All Poetry contest. The parameters were to write a five line piece for six days and that week ended with the shooting of congress woman Gabrielle Giffords.

some days are
just so much sawdust
and splinters
hammers and nails
wasted sweat

Wednesdays fly by so fast
coffee barely cooled
as night slams down and
I slide into home scraping
cheeks on pillows

beaten over the head by
boredom – a huge marshmallow
that leaves no bruise
but regret that
there is nothing to feel

dawn unbroken
world dreams and I
want more cream in my coffee
but the bus is leaving
and I will be on it

days and days upon more
they seem forever
yet are finite
I will live as though
the sand never runs out

in six days the world
was created
on the news today
one moment and for some
the world ended