March Night

five cent moon
in a million star sky
astronomers eyes
ages past
mapping out heaven
as though it could
be quantified
qualified to describe
a universe hung with
more care than the icicles
on mama’s Christmas tree
“you can’t just stand there
and throw them
just because you like
the sparkle”
she said.
there’s beauty in order
and caring shows
I hear sirens in the distance
and feel the weight of
dark matter pressing down
the souls marching through
time and space
those I loved and lost
all who came before
whisper breeze of nightbird
wings in passing
lifts weight
and stars become stars
once again
chaotic dancing
as I watch them sparkle

4 thoughts on “March Night

  1. anno

    Loved the ring of “five cent moon/ in a million star sky, and the beauty of “a universe hung with more care than the icicles on mama’s Christmas tree.” Gorgeous theology here — thanks!

  2. Dee Post author

    thank you – hope you are starting to see some hints of spring up in the north country ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. paschal

    Oh, my lord, the gorgeous beauty of those lines after the sirens, that dark matter pressing, I be swooning in that axial shift from sparkle to the soul’s beauteous cry. I must say that I keep wanting to say “five cent moon / in a million dollar sky.”

    Lapis lazuli, this one, all the way.

    1. Dee

      Thank you, I always love a blue gem from you sir. I didn’t want dollars in this one…I’d rather have a pocketful of those stars ๐Ÿ™‚

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