Always Time For A Commercial Break

AllPoetry prompt: Convince Me

have I got a deal for you
a steal the wheel will spin
and you can win and breast
enhancement penis
implants whiter teeth
fresher breath will all be yours
for just a song a shamwow
cleans and disinfects and wait
there’s more the steak knives
change lives grow some
hair where you have none
make it leave those unwanted
spaces the places we won’t mention
hey did I tell you
here to sell you glory genius
perfect abs no anal leakage
plumbing seepage shake
the flakes I got what
it takes and it can be yours
and if you hurry scurry
curry favor with the credit
card folks just dial the number
for deeper slumber
husband a slob?
no prob say goodbye
to rags and mops and
arches that drop just look at me
I’m sixty three and not a wrinkle
no drippy tinkle live forever
decay never you’ll be broke
but you’ll look good
in that prepaid coffin
they cart you off in

4 thoughts on “Always Time For A Commercial Break

  1. Jae Rose

    Thankfully ‘anal leakage’ ads have yet to make it to these shores..I can’t imagine what product remedies that..this is a great swipe at the world in the TV..maybe it’s best to buy into the bits that don’t involve body fluids..Jae 😉

  2. Dee Post author

    lol the funny thing is – that is not something you buy a remedy for – it is a possible side effect of some other remedies! I think I would just prefer to continue to have trouble sleeping or sneezing with allergies 🙂

  3. paschal

    Pure Martinian genius, Prometheus sold you this one, didn’t he? This is a slam dunk slam poetry-winning throwdown. Who wouldn’t love an “enhancement penis”? I also had not realized the downside to my lack of perfect abs. “It’s a strange world, Sandy.”

    1. Dee Post author

      haha this was a really fun write. The prompt and a commercial took over my mind temporarily. I take no responsibility!

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