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This poor little blog has been a bit quiet.  We had most of the family here last weekend.  Dale’s birthday was Friday and his baby sister’s birthday was Saturday so we had a family celebration.  Friday night planetarium, Saturday all day on the square downtown for “April in Paris” art walk with dulcimer music and hit every antique store on the square.  Lunch at Paris bakery, cooked on the grill that night with some more family.  All but his oldest sister and her husband went home Sunday morning and we went to Gladewater for more antiquing and lunch.  The neighbor backed into my car which was parked on the street (go figure with seven cars and a pop-up camper in the front yard) but at least the police didn’t descend – we aren’t exactly a wild and crazy bunch.  It was a wonderful weekend.

I’ve been blogging a little at ebookocracy which is a new forum starting up and started a blog for the Paris Poets Society (which meets tonight at 7 P.M. at Vital Beet on the square – come join us!) and peering into the last of the school year – almost seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have two random students coming to the lab at odd moments to write and talk about writing. Neither are seniors so maybe next year I can get a little group interested in nanowrimo.  Even if nano doesn’t happen I discovered a little contest on the UIL site that one of them is going to try for – I am excited for her and for the interest in writing.

We dodged the storm bullet – they came through near us but nothing hit us to speak of though Dale’s sister and brother left here for Hot Springs with their camper and may have gotten wet!

Spring has sprung and the fever has hit.  I have a bad case of it myself.  Back to writing soon.

3 thoughts on “Lonely Little Blog

  1. anno

    Spring fever’s a welcome reprieve from the winter blues… especially when it comes along with such wonderful opportunities to spend time with family and friends! Sounds like you have been having a great time, and perhaps finding creative encouragement in some surprising quarters — enjoy!

  2. Jae Rose

    Hi Dee – Just to wish you a peaceful Easter. Are you in Paris (Texas)? sounds very chilled..I am looking for some new prompt sites..are there any you could recommend? I shall browse your links list in a minute..anyway just a line to add to your ‘lonely little blog’..Jae

  3. Dee

    thank you both for visiting – what a lovely surprise this morning! I am off to the track in a minute and planning on a quiet afternoon. Anno and Jae – I hope you have a wonderful peaceful Easter 🙂

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