blinded I could not see
where the road would lead
deafened I could not hear
the call of voices that would save me
but in the brokenness a secret
revealed that can’t be shown
nor sung by any choir
when I would lay down and die
at the very moment of darkness
drawn to light and air a birthing
a bursting of star matter
shrieks forth screaming to sky
to color from deepest red
to softest royal purple
unfurled uncurled stretched
beyond all belief
I rise again and find my heart
in flight sustained

image credit – deviant art mement_mori_by_sheerheart

6 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. Jae Rose

    From darkness into light..there are many ways to always manage to balance darkness and hope so brilliantly..the picture reflects this so well this week too..reaching for those stars.. Jae 😉

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