Two In The Morning

flawed logic happens
at two in the morning
when all is quiet
and darkness rests
on squinting eyes
as I turn it around
looking at it from midnight angles
or angels I’m not sure
but I do know that come the dawn
nothing makes sense
or holds clarity
that abounds
at two in the morning

9 thoughts on “Two In The Morning

    1. Dee Post author

      I hate those middle of the night insomnia attacks – knowing I will pay the next day but unable to do anything about it! At least it wasn’t a complete waste – I wrote three poems that night lol

  1. Old Egg

    I think the brain sheds all the days thoughts and lets your mind open up to see the light in the dark as it were. You have got it spot on with this poem.

    Lovely for you to visit the “Wrong side” story. It is all untrue of course. She did exist but when I met her at the fair she even refused the dodgem cars as her dad might see!

    1. Dee Post author

      well then she was left wondering about what might have been – I hope she regrets missing out on the catch of the century!

  2. Jae Rose

    It can be a horrible time..the old day lingering and the new morning clanging in your ears..I think it’s angels there..maybe doing mischief..but they always get you through to dawn..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      oh I love this comment – it may end up a prompt for a poem sometime 🙂 new morning clanging in your ears and angels doing mischief. Now THERE is a story! Thank you!

  3. anno

    … and unfortunately, what happens at 2 a.m. tends to percolate right into the rest of the day: this poem gets it perfectly!

    1. Dee

      yes it does – I am not worth 2 cents on those days. Unable to string to coherent thoughts together…

  4. paschal

    Lovely conceit: hence, the genius of QVC, right? I love this one, especially:

    or holds clarity
    that abounds

    Rise up. Rise up.

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