weep for us
you stone and steel
for we have lost our way

rough weather
cast patina still
your age cannot conceal

that what you were
and what we are
our fates both would be sealed

For we are frozen
hardened cast
scars that will not heal

your outside matched
our inner hearts
we’ve lost the will to feel

Sunday Scribbling prompt: Sensation

10 thoughts on “Statuesque

  1. Old Egg

    Great poem and beautiful family group with the little boy at the back with an animal of some sort. I read “…lost our way” in the third line in the first verse, was that wrong?

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you – you read it correctly but it is fixed now. Thank you for catching that and it is good to hear from you 🙂

  2. Wendy

    The metaphor of the sculpture or stone having more warmth than humanity reminds me of undergrad work I did regarding the Pygmalion myth. Ovid wrote of a man who was so disturbed by his in-the-flesh choices in female companionship that he carved his perfect woman out of stone and begged the gods to make her real. He slept with the stone…until one day he awakened to flesh rather than stone.

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