Lollipops and Corpses

Sam and Ivy followed the restaurant owner.

“The body’s back there.  I’d rather not see it again.” He pointed at the back door. They opened the door and light spilled out. Reflections from the police bubble rotated colors across the face of the corpse.

Sam stared at the body. “What kind of wound leaves blisters around the edges?”

“I don’t know.  Bishop said something about enzymes.” Ivy took a lollipop out her jacket pocket and unwrapped it.

Sam frowned. “How can you eat with that stink?”

Ivy grinned at him. “I’ve smelled that before. In Chicago.”

“Holy shit. He’s back?”


100 words only.


17 thoughts on “Lollipops and Corpses

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you Erin – it just sort of fell out all in a piece but now that it’s here I may have to lay with it a bit 🙂

  1. Steph

    Yah…what Erin said. I’m wondering who is back, too! Is it a killer? Or is it the body? (strange zombie undead sort of corpse or something) Or someone else? Anyway, cool 100 words, and thanks for stopping by my effort as well. You were my first comment ever! Kinda made my night!!

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