Romance is Not All Flowers

The years of living tell the tale of proof.
A second glance is not enough to know
If all will hold beyond the blush of youth,
with more than memories for each to show.

Through crisis, childbirth, bills and petty fights,
the truest tests of how we’re really made,
Of bed-spanned chilly shouldered angry nights
when words cut deeper than the sharpest blade…

Yet when the dark gives way to clocks and sun,
I know who shares the day throughout the years,
And who will meet me when that day is done,
stick through the heartaches, laughter, even tears

We chose to put down roots in close confine,
As tree limbs over years grew intertwined.

1.  3 quatrains of alternating rhyme and a couplet all written in iambic pentameter. In this sonnet form, the premise of the poem is established in lines 1-8, a turn (or volta) toward its resolution begins at line 9 and the resolution is revealed in lines 13 & 14.
      a b a b
c d c d
e f e f
g g

2.  A total of 14 lines,

3. 10 syllables per line.


The main thing I am unsure of is the pentameter.  It gives me fits…