I leave it here

curled around hunkered over
covering the soft the pale
the unshelled inner
on the ground all the sound
that beats around my ears
and all I hear is my own screaming
dreaming of a silence deeper
feel the vines, a slippery creeper
wraps and strangles off the breath
my heart, my heart
oh God, my heart
It swells and shrinks and now
I think that it will burst no maybe
not just petrify and calcify the bony cover
pull it over shut the door
stay on the floor it’s safer here
the air is clear and even in the darkness
falling over me just cover me
like angel wings just shelter me
while I am torn just hear my prayer
I let it out a little bit
protecting it while healing happens
you will see the sun will come
I will it – Come! I’ll stand again
and take you with me
hold my hand I know you can
I know you can
You can.
I say this now
and leave it here.

2 thoughts on “I leave it here

  1. Jae Rose

    There was a real magic to this piece Dee..like a fairy tale..getting wrapped up and lost in vines..but trusting the ending will bring great relief..great redemption..Jae x

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