A Bear Is a Bear

Image credit: Geir Akselsen

wildness cannot
be tamed
with a whip
just forced to wear
a different hat…


fifteen word challenge


2 thoughts on “A Bear Is a Bear

    1. Dee Post author

      Mitchell, I have been on AllPoetry.com for a little over a year. I warn you – it is addicting. You can join groups, but it is not a prerequisite for most of the contests. AP has a sister site – storywrite.com
      You join, click add a poem (at that point you can change from poem to story or journal, and post. You don’t even have to enter any contests – you can just use them for prompts, but it is fun and you end up part of a community. You can add writers to you “favorites” list so you can easily see when they post something new. There is a little of everything there.

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