ejected from polite society
presumed impropriety
how was I to know
and now there’s nothing
left to show but
oily shadows inching away
from salvation
coating grace with heart debris
keeping joy at bay
keeping me down
keeping me sleeping
under cardboard
under fire escapes
that go nowhere
nothing but dead air
and the rat-a-tat
of an impact wrench
around the corner
I am rendered silent
spinning out on waves
of our disconnect
strung out cans
with no string between
slip the grasp
as morning clears
peeling tar paper
revealing concrete
frosted by rusted pipes
I turn my head
make myself small
make myself small
you don’t see me


Three Word Wednesday prompts: eject, impact, render




This gentleman says it much better than I ever could.  http://wheneftalks2.blogspot.com/



6 thoughts on “99%

  1. Old Egg

    Yes, it is curious society we live in that disenfranchises its own citizens in favor of the rich or of people of foreign lands that don’t really like us anyway. Your reference to the strung out cans reminded me of the necessity of keeping that string taut between the two cans. Totally ineffectual without the string! It is good to read angry writing writ well.

  2. Andy Sewina

    There goes I but for the grace of god, springs to mind.
    I like the rat-a-tat of an impact wrench, but can’t help thinking of the mattress crunchers in cardboard city.

    Well said!

    1. Dee Post author

      Your welcome Eric – I posted this poem on my AllPoetry page and placed the link there as well. It is an article that I hope others will read!

  3. The Gooseberry Garden

    wise words, powerful expression.

    love your blog,

    come join our poetry picnic week 9 today,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 random poems.

    Old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.

    Hope to see you in.


    1. Dee Post author

      thank you – I am afraid I could not always make the commitment to read all the poems but I so appreciate the invitation!

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