Where Is The Magic

there were obvious signs
of planets aligned
as I stared into deep
time after time
for answers and clues
just a small bit of news
but the waters were muddled
my thinking befuddled
my magic was huddled
I was thinking and sinking
in depths with no blinking
just diving and weaving
the omens deceiving
I screamed I am leaving
but wait just one moment
one minute one second
I think that I see what
the spirits are sending
sight curving time bending
oh just stop pretending
we none of us knowing
just where we are going
we mostly are hoping
that slipping and sloping
are not just an ending
are not just pretending
and dreams are for holding
we will come through the dark
our way lighted by sparks
the magic was never for finding
or winding around to our will
it lived in our hearts
and it lives within still

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