edge of sleep

i walked on summer
leaving no bruise
on verdant softness
nightdress brushing
bony ankles
firefly leading on

you were there
i couldn’t find you
your breath easy in the dark
and though i ran
just out of reach
like the owl who spoke

i reached for your hand
fingers sliding loose
as i would give you
a dream
like sunlight pressed on
sleep closed eyes

warm sheet valley
the smell
of your cigarette



5 thoughts on “edge of sleep

  1. Jae Rose

    softly softly..until that peppering of cigarette ash..a tug from the dream..how stinging it can be to wake from such a place..that treasures you..another beautiful write Dee..Jae

  2. Anonymous

    Lovely, lovely write, Dee. I’ve been away from your blog too long. You inspire me with your word paintings.

      1. Dee Post author

        Glad you took the time to leave your name so I would know who to thank for the wonderful comment 🙂

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