and as the storm subsides
we bide our time
we ride it out
slide it out of time
of rhyme
the world will welcome
warm and sun
will run the colors
all together whether
weather bruises outsides
inner heart tides
creep to sand and hands
reach out and clasp
and grasp the love that
always makes it through
the loudest thunder
under-pinning winning
in the ending of the hard times
bells chime ringing music
singing songs of hope and
peace to all we call to friends
well met we set
the corner stone and build
our houses out of bricks
and mud and love
to stand the test of time
and rain will fall
but through it all
we love
we wait

6 thoughts on “Prevail

  1. Jae Rose

    Love does prevail..I love the warmth..the compromise..the mixing of a stuffy watercolour showered off with warm water..mixing..combining beautifully in the warmth..aah..Jae 🙂

  2. anno

    Been following along, all along, every post, wishing you could hear the applause from here. This one, though … this one earns a standing ovation. Wonderful, Dee. It feels like something has happened with you & your poems lately, that you’ve found a new stride, a place where you can let loose and run. It’s great to see, wonderful to read.

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you so much Anne 🙂 Went through a dry time (sick too) and it is a relief to have words to put to paper 🙂

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