we sing and yell
say never tell but always
do we can’t compel
ourselves to hush
to not say much is
out of touch with
who we are
we facebook, tweet
and update all
for all must know
our daily doings
a fascination
with our lives
ourselves we delve
into the details
like staring at entrails
as though they hold
the secrets coldly
we are just immune to
world around
outside means nothing
when you’re social
bound to laptop, cellphone
tablet, players
take your pick of any flavor
you be the star
of your own little drama
just have a look
it’s a me-o-rama


NaPoMo 2

4 thoughts on “Me-o-rama

  1. Jae Rose

    A little kaleidoscope of self that you can’t take your eye away from..i love how you say these things are always so ‘right’..on top of the carefully crafted words..Jae

  2. anno

    Ha! Spot on, as always — love the idea of a “me-orama” and I promise to pass it on. Thanks again for making me think and making me laugh.

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