Hope’s True Call

My heart was lost and careless tossed, a line that can’t be crossed
So buried deep my heart would sleep,  I would not pay the cost
As years passed slow, I tried to go through daily joy and woe
but something bold was taking hold, a seed began to grow
A padlocked door does something more, a thing you can’t ignore
Keeps out the pain but then again, keeps me from feeling more
I found the key that sets me free, throw wide the doors to see
Protective shell, no place to dwell, hid in the shadowed lee
For where in shade, a deep green glade, the sun rays also fade
No flowers grow, nor breezes blow, no compromises made
To get, you give, and die to live, for though your heart is rive
It swells to hold, and shins the cold, love flows through as a sieve
I choose the light, will stand to fight, climb to the highest height
And if I fall, I gave my all, broke through my self-built wall
My wounds will heal, I’ve learned to feel and answered hopes’ true call


A Nevada Sonnet – a form I came across on AllPoetry, a variation on a “fourteener” or sonnet adapted by a poet with the username of Amera. (amazing talented poetess)

Line one internal rhyme – syllables 4, 8, and 14

Line two internal rhyme – syllables 4, 8, then 14th rhymes with 14th from the previous line.

If you hum Amazing Grace as you read it, it works 🙂

A shout out to AllPoetry user Corrideo who actually broke it down into a spreadsheet as he has done other forms. Awesome work and a great teaching tool!

NaPoMo 3