The Trouble With Writing Prompts

the trouble with writing prompts
is that they can inspire
lead you down foreign roads
of brain grooves unmapped
navigating rapids and canyon
surfing verbage as you hold your arms
straight out for balance
…and fall anyway
because the heart does not
understand gravity
and sometimes the poem
skips a few steps
and skids onto the paper
shocked to find
itself breathing

poetic asides prompt: Begin a poem with “The trouble with…”

NaPoMo 27

3 thoughts on “The Trouble With Writing Prompts

  1. anno

    And the great thing about writing prompts is the way they’ve kept you going. Am so impressed everything you’ve written this month — congratulations!

  2. Dee Post author

    thanks Anne 🙂 I am ready to be skidding into the last day of this challenge. It has been an exercise in commitment for someone who is a lifetime, card carrying member of the procrastination society (which is mentioned in my next poem!)

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