I have a problem with time
it is linear and I am not
I rebound from what caught my attention
five seconds ago
and bounce back to the present
with a smack that shakes
me to my toes
and leaves me confused
seduced by a shiny thought
then ducking back into the shadow
to dream about yesterday’s double
entendre to ponder
but then the commercial breaks
and my attention spans the synapses
and sparks are flying
because emotions ran rough-shod
over logic I am not cognizant of
any reason for this other
than I just can’t keep the thought
train on the tracks
and there are cracks that I refuse to step on
as I procrastinate the dates fly by
as calendar pages ripped and tossed
and crossed to yes another year
they come with frequency
conflicted but still I sit
and write
when I should be


NaPoMo 28 Poetic Asides prompt: Write about a problem


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. anno

    This one speaks to me, too. Could swear that the most creative work gets done on stolen time…

  2. Anonymous

    You are in a big club. We are unconstrained by the regimen of time and of others demands but we enjoy the freedom of randomness. Creativity is curiously unbound by mere mortals.

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