I am unarmed
Except for words
Naked in the storm
I wrap them around me
For warmth on this night
Lightening flashes
Reveals one thought
Thunder shatters me
And the thought splinters
Into pieces like raindrops
Like diamonds, like glass
hail stings my skin and bounces
All around my feet
Steam rises from warm rain
Heated by the sun of
Yesterday afternoon
That is gone but leaves
A memory of light
I huddle in the dark
Hoping for the flash of light
Fearing it too
Feeling exposed by it
Corners illuminated
Where puddles hide
The ground
How deep
How dark
How long


Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Storm


5 thoughts on “Unarmed

  1. Old Egg

    “Unarmed except for words” well they are pretty powerful among writers. A beautifully descriptive piece and I loved the howl at the end.

  2. Jae Rose

    Sometimes words just aren’t enough..not a good enough exchange in the physical world..and yet they also somehow bring out the primaeval forces inside..fire..and warmth..and yes, howls..Jae

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