For Emily

I read the words
and sucked in a breath
and then thought about
that breath
did you do the same as you
rounded the point
and saw the ocean
stretched out in front of you
until it fell off the edge of the earth
felt your heart race
and the sea air wash over you
filling your lungs with
the possibilities
of what lie ahead
as the tethered memories
let you go with a snap
sinking your feet into the deck
with the rightness
of the moment
was the poem already forming
on salty lips
as you quietly smiled
in exultation



8 thoughts on “For Emily

  1. Jae Rose

    This feels like the pride one may feel at watching a loved one sail off on their own..I love that we end with her she inherited that sense of pride..and achievement..Jae

    1. Dee

      I have been reading Emily dickinson, leafing through her poetry and feeling as though I am getting to know her as a dear friend. The poem Exultation just captivated me.

      1. Jae Rose

        Even more inspiring perhaps that she rarely left her (childhood) room and yet travelled so far in words..for a shut-in like me at least!

  2. chrisd

    Jae, you have such insight! Wow!

    It seemed to me that this was about letting go, but Jae is right. This is about beginnings.

    I’m not quite there yet. 3 more years, my oldest tells me!

    Beautiful poetry, Dee! I admire people who can do it well and you do!

  3. Archna

    Dee, I tried to write more poetry than usual in the month of April and I sat with Emily also. My captivation was with the letter she wrote to the world. I wrote ‘Voice’ in what I imagined might be her voice. As I read her work I had the same feels of wonder; what she might have seen and felt. I love that you filled your lungs and sunk for feet in.

    It’s always a dance here.

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