Though flames took sky
and melted clouds
to shadows dripping over trees
the moon took on the
daunting task
pale and scarred
from years and years
of pulling oceans to and fro
she drug herself once more
to shield our burning eyes
from star shot heat
a darkness sweet
would cover us
in daylight dreams
just like the night
no sound was heard
no flash occurred
a kiss surrounding space
penumbra placed just so
for beauty of a mystery
the history of a galaxy


Photo credit: Tommy Stone


6 thoughts on “Eclipse

  1. Jae Rose

    How hard the moon must work..the pace of this a tug-tug-tug of the sea..tough but eternal..beautiful imagery..and as always I leave feeling more ‘aahh’ than ‘arrghh!’..thank you.. Jae 😉

    1. Dee Post author

      thanks Ann 🙂 I was so glad he got the picture since I completely missed the real thing!

  2. Old Egg

    I have a great affinity to work such as this where the natural world and events are humanised. In answer to you query; yes, all is well, I am in the wilds of the UK and this is the first computer I have found for 3 weeks!

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