Sunflower Lesson


whirly twirly seeds of sun
leaning gleaning coriolis
shaky droplets feed the need
elementary excitation just a myth
stare long enough to be eclipsed
drawn to vortex orange and gold
the pseudo forces run their courses
flaming torch against the blue
framed in greening preening
leaflets guaranteed to tower over
feed the birds and seed the earth
for next years crop will
be assured faces seeking
glory peeking at the light
axis spinning earth is twinning
all rotating orbit waiting
all the planets
crashing down a single flower
all the knowledge all the science
photosynthesis in compliance
with the books the pundits say
but you and I know a better way
to stand as still and yet align
my face to follow summer shine
to spend a life in wind or rain
turn to the light again and again


image credit Tommy Stone