The Future Is Now

It jars and scars the brain
I cannot wrap my thoughts around the shame
of mansions high and hovels
by the side of roads
reality is virtual (not virtuous as we would hope)
where industry has power and might
just use it we could choose
for good but don’t always
solutions simplified to sound bites
billboards, powerpoints
calm me, balm me
entertain me but for God’s sake
don’t make me think!
I want it snack sized, fun sized
super-duper-fat and sweet sized
wait a minute no! Eat healthy
will the next coin be the water
be the heirloom seeds for real food
real thought, real moods
not those drug-induced ones
chemically altered food stays fresher longer
well preserved we are, but
hurricanes and droughts will come
and some will alter all
we can’t control a wall
of water washes over
washes under, wash away
the days of neighbors knowing
neighbors gone but we can talk
on facebook, twitter, email
bitter pills we swallow daily
facial spatial recognition
we can’t recognize our own
our faces in the mirror clearer
than the mud we sink in
time to think before we blast off
cast off from the sinking ship
we have become spectators in our own
lives spouting aphorisms mystically
sophisticated syncopated biorhythmic
lest we take the time to really be
there be where
we are living giving everything to
every moment affluenza
breeds contempt for people
they are throw away like styrofoam
to-go box passion chasing fashion
like we know the outcome
be the first is the new curse
liberals blame conservatives
turn right or left you still won’t get there
be ensnared by pride of sides
are you a Christian if you are
you’ll buy this product
vote your conscience if you have one
we can cure whatever ails you
even as our help impales you
on the poverty sword of you ain’t good enough
your house, your car, you won’t get far
but what’s the point
there is nowhere that you can go
the milk of human kindness now
is poisoned filled with BPA but don’t you worry
hurry scurry all you scientific pundits
fix it, mix it, give it to us
cheap and easy that’s the ticket
like a deer comes to a salt lick
you will have us in your sights
you feed on greed we have a barrel full
belly full, heart full, leaving room for nothing else
I cannot see the future answers
tomorrow is now for some and time is
warped and jagged those who lagged
behind the headlines
lost in deadlines, stand in bread lines
waiting for a bite, the loaves and fishes
ran out hours ago and nothing left
but broken dishes
vessels of laconic postures
don’t give me love
we are above it all it is
is tattooed on the back of
children we have shortchanged
thinking we were giving more
and now we shake our heads in wonder
how they do not appreciate
the things we did, the time we spent,
the money sent (that check will never come)
we bitch and moan and feign
a careless attitude while underneath
the fear runs deep and mighty
that somewhere a clock still ticks
and spits and sputters
hide the clutter, close the shutters
survivalistic hoarding gimme shelter
helter skelter used to be anomaly
now random shooting is the norm
we are assaulted in our homes
the breaking news takes form
within commercial framework
couched in terms opinionated
huddled in an easy chair
we get to share in others sorrow
shake our heads
no need to borrow trouble
I say just stay here
it’s safer, no one ever comes
to knock except the Church of Latter
Day Saints and even they
are scarcer these days
got no answers just a sandpile
buried head to stop
insane smiles
this ranting has no ending
just a time is bending round and round
I hear the sound and fury
but it’s signifying nothing
that I comprehend I spend my time
just marking disembarking from
this earth a dirge is playing
for the life of me I cannot see
except to think the sandwich sign
the guy was wearing we were swearing
he was crazy (maybe lazy) but I think
that chicken little had it right
he knew it and we disavowed
the answer in the words he spoke
the world is ending, sky is falling
fire and ice, well both are nice
but far to neat and clean
we’ve seen the signs but slowly
like a cancer, growing colder, older
molding ourselves into something
we can’t comprehend and why
I just don’t know, I sigh

A quote from William Gibson had my mind going “The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

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  1. Jae Rose

    Thinking in a world that in large doesn’t think (or admit to it at least) leads exactly to that end sigh..i could never get it all down – you have – superbly..William Gibson is a fantastic inspiration..jae

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