Summer Passing

The summer is fading away into this heat that makes me sluggish and unwilling to go outside unless necessary. Trying to strike a balance between keeping plants alive and not wasting water is tricky. Even early morning and late evening are unpleasantly still and warm. I saw hopeful clouds this morning about four-thirty and scanned the weather report for a sign of rain but there was nothing close by.

I have not written much this summer. It seems that my muse packed it’s bags and took a vacation, leaving me here to remodel a bathroom and now, train a puppy (or be trained by one!) I am learning to take her outside (often) and fetch her stuffed monkey and throw a ball to her. Hopefully she approves of my progress. Roxie is gracious enough to allow me to sit in the chair with her and watch tv though I must be boring because she goes to sleep until she rolls over and waits for me to figure out that she wants her belly rubbed. We will need to work on the leash situation. She does not care for it at all but it is one more new thing in her life. If anyone has tips for being trained by your Mauxie, I am up for suggestions.

Progress continues on the bathroom. We stripped the wallpaper, prepped and textured the walls and will begin painting today. Time to get out of this chair and gather paint supplies.


and one more



I will try not to bombard the internet with pictures…

5 thoughts on “Summer Passing

  1. anno

    oh, gosh, she is totally adorable — can see how she might offer distraction from, oh, just about anything.

    You have my complete sympathies on the heat/drought this summer. If it’s any consolation, it’s been the same here as well. Lots of heat; barely a drop of rain. No wall paper to remove, but plenty of repairs to attend to, just in case we were thinking of heading to the lake. Maybe we need a cute little puppy to distract us, eh?

  2. Dee Post author

    facebook has a local swapshop group that is going to be the death of me. That s where we found Roxie, as well as a couch, and an old hand crank sewing machine.
    She has gotten a little more comfortable with her new home and we are having to put up things like we did when the kids were small or she will chew. On everything…

  3. Jae Rose

    Do please bombard us with more pictures of Roxie..she is a tonic for this sluggish weather..I think i would want to stay cuddled up indoors with such a little fluff bundle..(i think she will have a cheeky side)..jae

  4. Miss Alister

    Oh be still my heart, what a cutie! You know how to pick ‘em, Miz Dee. I’ve been dogless since last November. I tell you, if I was an actress, to cry on the spot I’d think of my dog. Never thought I’d say this but, if I didn’t travel so much, I’d do it all again. My advice is probably what you already know: establish yourself as the pack leader/provider and Roxie as pack and provide unwavering good rules, food and daily routine, et voila! And if you don’t bombard the internet with pictures, I invite you to bombard my inbox!

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