Rainy Sunday Afternoons

thirsty dirt drinks
gulps and gallons of drips
and drops that draw
the clouds down low
and slow to ground
below and plaster hair
to heads and leads me
in and out in boots and hats
and fancy dances through
my mind as cloud stares
flash the eye lash dripping
ripping dreams from grey skies
time flies for the rainy
grainy black and white
film pictures on my mind
my time spent watching through
the window pane as sleepy
lazy Sunday rainy afternoon
turns night and moon hid
clouds slide down the darkness
softly into sleep as blue sounds
rain songs say goodnight

2 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday Afternoons

  1. Miss Alister

    Whoa Dee that ditty floated me on an On The Road kind of stream of consciousness and I dug it thoroughly. If you got that cute pup of yours under your mojo thataway, she’s prob’ly right as rain : )

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