Sea of Fools

waiting for a meeting to start and had my notebook handy.


A collision
of collusion
a dark and deep intrusion
of past and present

corridor of jumbled
up confusion

of melancholy gathering
of memorable clamoring

attention oft divided
wandering unguided,
swimming in a starry pool
I flounder with no shore in sight

Mistaking wisdom for a fool
I close my eyes, turn from the light
but find I’m not alone the sea
is filled with all
the fools like me


3 thoughts on “Sea of Fools

  1. Jae Rose

    Ah..but you are no fool..I wonder what meting you were waiting for..I have a grudge against assemblies..meetings..those who lack authority wielding power..they’re the fools..Jae 😉

  2. Miss Alister

    This is a beaut! Before a meeting I’m so uptight and focused on the agenda I can’t see straight let alone pull down something from the ether! You go, Dee : )

  3. Dee

    Thanks jae and miss A! I am nursing a screwed up knee and taking random stabs at nanowrimo so poetry may be a bit slimmer than ever unless I show up here in a pain pill fueled stupor and throw something down.

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