Winter Fire


In stinging cold of falling dark
skyward icy finger flames
claim space and all the firmament
as theirs and paint with broader strokes
as even clouds of crystal feather
creep across the blazing canvas
bowing to the ebon shadows
mirrored on the burning pond
never giving up it’s secrets
deeper than the darkest night
burned into my awestruck sight
even branch tips seek to hold
left grieving loss of winter light


Photograph by Tommy Stone

2 thoughts on “Winter Fire

  1. Jae Rose

    Ebon shadow was a new phrase for me..and greatly new..what a battle it is to find warmth and comfort and peace.,a little cloud in the world..hope it is sparkily warm inside where you are..Jae 🙂

  2. anno

    Lovely, Dee. That image of the “clouds of crystal feather” creeping across the blazing canvas was especially strong. Warmer days coming soon, I hope!

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