Peace seeps in through pores
through doors of twilight
last light when royal purple
spreads in soft strokes
across the earth
silhouettes of trees
as profiles turned to feel
the last of warmth
wrung dry of blue and so
in deepest blackened shadow
shades in glades of
pine and scrub oak
pond lies still in wait
as evening evens out the sharper
lines and finds it’s way into
my mind and I am calmed
and still as surface ripple
where an insect skips
and slips into the weedy
reedy edges sing the frogs
the dusky chorus
whip-or-will joins harmony
and says it for us
says what we can never say
goodbye to light
now sleep you people
sleep til day

Beautiful photo by Tommy Stone

5 thoughts on “Twilight

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it – the picture was taken by a friend and made me feel the same – calmed 🙂

  1. Miss Alister

    Peace seeps in through pores/ through doors… Amen, so be it.

    Happy New Year, Dee, may you see health and happiness and prosperity in all ways.

    Kiss kiss,
    Miss A

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