Rainy Disconnect

Am I the only
wire in the wind,
whipping around
on currents I don’t understand?

What is the soul?
Am I a tiny being
Ensconced in the pilot seat
of this aging Kamekazi  robot?
If so, how did I end up the driver?

Me who gets lost on
a piece of cardboard?
Me who cannot make a decision,
for fear I will hurt the feelings
of someone else, then end up
causing damage because
I could not make a decision?

Is the longing to be removed
from the decision making, direction taking,
crazy, lost, driving seat,
the only hint
that heaven exists;
that my soul longs to go there,
even though my body isn’t ready?

Still the rain keeps falling
and I keep watch, a bird with wet feathers,
afraid to fly.

1 thought on “Rainy Disconnect

  1. Old Egg

    Ascribing those feelings to the bird in the rain makes the reader wonder whether the thoughts are of the bird or of the introspective writer who has a moment of profound awareness. Thought provokingly beautiful.

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