The Speed of Setting Sun

Tommy Stone Sunset

Image Credit Tommy Stone



and the sky went screaming streaming
toward the darkness rising all around
the ground is melting in the heat of speed
the need to spin it, in it, go to any length
too far the stars are pulling us the moon and soon
the colors sink into the waters hiding light from sight
within the depths, the trees already soaking up the
black, we lack the stars but hope lies just beyond
the pond, the pool of fools of light of life
the cloud raked, sun baked, slide into the night
a flight of fancy colored by a broader brush
the rush of planets turning, yearning for the gravity
of sleep, of rest, of watercolor dreaming

1 thought on “The Speed of Setting Sun

  1. Old Egg

    Observing sunsets like that and reading poetry such as you describe them makes me think that somehow we have missed the plot. It is such a beautiful world and all we can do is make it ugly.

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