Spring Harbinger

Image Credit Tommy Stone

Image Credit Tommy Stone


red petticoats just a swishing
scent of spring that sets me wishing
for a finer time, a shiner time
a dancing in the moonlight time
a spring that rings the heralding
of warmth and yellow daffodils
that drink their fill of summer rain
when blooms come out to play again

2 thoughts on “Spring Harbinger

  1. anno

    That does look like the perfect regalia to sashay into spring: another case where picture & poem make a perfect pair.

    Wouldn’t mind a bit of that color myself — suspect you’ll be seeing it soon!

  2. Dee Post author

    Spring is a cruel tease here. Yesterday cloudy and rainy and gray, today sunny and nearly seventy, tomorrow cooler and rain and high thirties Tuesday. I enjoy every little hint that comes my way though!

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