The Seed Pods Know

Image Credit Tommy Stone

Image Credit Tommy Stone


seed pods nod their heads in time
to music ears cannot discern
gathered at the waters edge
as though a lesson to be learned
from passing time and rising suns
from mirrored stillness softly waits
from silhouetted treeline tall
brushed by heavens sleepy face
and I would write this fading dream
for suns last glow will not last long
but stilled I hold my pen aloft
a nightbird sings a lonely song
what are words but poor attempts
the lyrics of a finer tune
I fill my eyes with painted skies
the darkness comes too soon

7 thoughts on “The Seed Pods Know

  1. anno

    This one drew me in from the first charming lines… nature provides tremendous beauty, gorgeous music, true, but your poem is proof that the finger snapping, toe-tapping, humming-along that we like to do contributes to the melody.

    1. Dee Post author

      Tommy takes such wonderful pictures – we have been on a collaboration roll 🙂 Nothing I can ever write can compete with nature but the I receive the inspiration with gratitude. Thank you – I am kind of partial to this one myself.

  2. Karen Hargus

    Dee, this is magnificent. The perfect notes to the perfect slow meter, you could have done no better with oils or a song! Sometimes you just blow mw completely away! Thanks for being –
    I’ve been thinking lately that, at 70, some of my greatest joys are seeing with my eyes, and hearing, and feeling the texture of things. And here you give words to my thoughts! I don’t mean that I feel that my chronological darkness is coming – though of course it does – but how lucky I am in this time of my like to have the time to see, and hear, and feel textures. And read this poem! Thanks –

    1. Dee Post author

      Thank YOU! What a lovely comment. I get what you are saying. I read a quote recently and my memory has run off with the author but it talked about writing as though you are the very first person to ever see what you are writing about. It gives a whole knew joy to things I believe!

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