Time To Think

in the greening of the morning
the cleaning of the dawning
sky is clear and cool and shining
with the promise of the timing
all your tippy toes slip happy
down the wooden dock still damp
with night dew, draws you
to the end, the edge, the very rim
now sit and dip the toes in quick
and bait the hook and take a look
the sun tipped ripples hide the fishy
perch await the bait and fate will
still your hand you hold the pole just
at the top and sit as sun creeps high
and higher, why you sit, the fishing just
excuse for sunning, stunning way
to spend a morning, thinking, floating
like the glitter on the surface
there’s a purpose – just to think
to sink into the depth and swim
inside a dreaming mind behind
your shaded eyes, to sit and let
a wandering synapse where it will
until it finds an island home
and given time, you birth a poem

5 thoughts on “Time To Think

  1. Jae Rose

    it is hard to find a greening of a morning..but that is certainly where words collect like dew..you make it seem magical Dee..like golden spider webs connecting us to the world in words..

  2. Matt

    This is a really excellent poem,
    the word choice deft,
    each line self-contained
    yet leading nimbly to the next.

    I love all of it, but these last two line really grabbed me:
    **to sink into the depth and swim
    inside a dreaming mind behind**


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