My browser froze twice this morning. This is unusual and causes me to force it to quit completely and restart. When I restart my browser it goes to my home page which is this blog.
A gentle hint? A small voice calling me home? I have not written. I could list a number of reasons…new job, life changes, lack of inspiration.
The truth is my lazy streak has reared it’s head and I am allowing the ice cream eating, facebook stalking, tv watching me to take over lately. It doesn’t help that there is the cutest dog in the world curled up on my lap and together we have discovered that the search for the meaning of life pales next to snuggling in a recliner and oh look! There’s a squirrel in the back yard!
I am wandering through YouTube and listening to The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys and while Traffic sings to me from the past, there is thunder in the background and a day to get on with so until later….