The Meeting

Flash Fiction prompt: He could be the one.

Lena slumped into the booth and waved at the waitress. Her skin burned as new runes worked their way into flesh. She sunk deeper into her hoodie, and nodded as the waitress poured.  She clutched the cup and gulped as the shakes took her.

“Are you okay?”

The voice came from behind her and as she turned, the shaking slowed and he frowned and stared at her. The burning eased and blessed numbness covered her.

“I’m fine.” There would be a body. Ten bodies in ten weeks. Ten marks. Her insides were a mess, but the pain she had grown accustomed to was gone. That had never happened before.

“Mind if I join you?” Without waiting for an answer, he scooted into the seat across from her. He signaled the waitress and Lena glanced down at the empty mug.

“Thanks.” She sipped the coffee slowly and waited for him to speak. She needed time. He reached across the table and pushed up her sleeve and stared at her arm.

“Death has been following you.”

She jerked her arm away, pushing the sleeve down. The last victim had still been alive when she got to her. Before she died, she grabbed Lena’s hand and told her to find the man that could read the signs.

“Who are you?” His hair fell over dark eyes. He looked strong but not muscle bound. Just a guy. Yet, there was something. The way the pain stopped when he looked at her. He could be the one.

edited wip


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  1. Jae Rose

    Sometimes we need to find ‘the one’..perhaps to share the pain with..or in this case i suspect to transfer it from her flesh to his..fine flash..and best fishy wishes.. x

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