Scenes From the Coffee Shop

The rodeo girls are bright
With their glitter and big hats
Big hair and the turquoise purse
Zebra striped flower
What was she thinking
Rhinestones and denim
The queen sucks frozen latte
Through a red straw
Mama in her spandex
Nursing the finger
Burned on the curling iron
Omfg the little one repeats
Horse giggle as mama swats her
While daddy wonders how he will pay
And pay and pay for all
The pretty little horses

1 thought on “Scenes From the Coffee Shop

  1. Jae Rose

    I could picture every inch of rhinestone in this scene..but poor dad..i need to find a coffee shop with cowboys/girls..sadly lacking anything but fat holiday makers drunk on cheap chips and beer here.. :~ j wants to go home x

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