Response To a Psalm

when darkness hides
and shadows fall
and I am sinking under
like nightingale
I will prevail
stillness breaks like thunder
open my throat to find
the note
an answer filled with wonder
she sings
I sing
and in the dark
the harmony goes on
till morning comes
and darkness gives
once more to find
the dawn
oft times it’s not the melody
that causes us to linger
for God is busy on this night
and sent to me
a solitary singer
fearful now I close my eyes
the song comes sweeter still
perhaps that is her mission
when sight would fail
and faith be dim
it’s time to stop and listen

1 thought on “Response To a Psalm

  1. Jae Rose

    God always provides an answer even if via a third party..a little songbird maybe..a kind smile from a stranger on a bus..a friend across the internet x

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