Nanowrimo 2013

The blog has been quiet as I attempted nanowrimo again…I hated everything I wrote and found myself totally uninterested in what happened to the characters. Until the night before the end. I ended with 26682 words.

Weirdly I started in an entirely new direction, changed everything but the names of my characters and found myself writing a story I want to complete.

In the past, nanowrimo has meant the end. I wrote the words, ended up with huge plot holes and stuck in corners with no way out. I would put the pile upon pile of words up on a shelf and never look back.

This time, instead of nanowrimo being an end, I find myself at a beginning, so while I did not “win” in the traditional sense of the word, I won in an entirely new way.

I don’t know that the outcome will be any better but it has renewed my passion for writing and I will see where it takes me…one more time.

It’s the night after nanowrimo and I am still writing.

My name is Lena and I carry the blood of a mage and a witch. I am also part shapeshifter. This makes for a lot of confusion. I don’t belong to a pack because the packs don’t accept my magic blood. I do not belong to the guild because the mages do not accept my shapeshifter blood. I am alone. I like it that way.


Several months ago a mage was murdered. The body looked like it had been mauled by a wolf. The pack did their own internal investigation and denied having anything to do with it. The mage guild refused to believe them and they threatened all out war. Innocents would be hurt in the crossfire and a friend in the pack asked me to look into it. He approached the mage council and they agreed.


That was the beginning of my problems.

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