Amen sister!

I read about someone turning 100 years old the other day and thought about all the changes they have seen in their lives. New inventions certainly, but I’m thinking about cultural changes. I’m a part of the generation that still remembers when married couples in tv shows had to have single beds and romantic displays of affection were limited and pretty chaste. My generation loved “Saturday Night Live” (back at the beginning when it was FUNNY) partly because it pushed the envelope with language, sexual references, and the irreverancy of it all. It seems to me we have pushed the envelope all the way off the cliff. I guess I could be stuck in “the good old days” rut but I think it is more than that. It is hard to find value these days, whether it be music, movies, or books. The media is owned by a few major companies who compete for our attention with what they think the public wants to hear. I would prefer to get objective news, and stories (whatever the media) that lift humanity up or educate us, or make us think.

Cecelia Weckstrom on her blog said this about technology: “To me the prospect that all this technological development is resulting in one thing dominating it all – porn everywhere, is a sad reflection on the state of our society. If all the various forms of expression (humour, satire, prose, poetry, music, painting, photography etc.) are all eclipsed by this subject, then I am inclined to think that civilisation truly is an oxymoron. Spam too – whoever thinks it works? I mean, who is the nitwit who thought that sending loads of rubbish to people’s inboxes would result in sales rather than uncontrolled fury?” Amen sister!