Boundary Issues

Life overlaps, or at least mine does.  I would like to keep work, home, and church all in their own little boxes but they don’t seem to want to stay there.  Not only do parts of my life squish around into areas they don’t belong but they are never in proportion.  My life has boundary issues.

Some days I have too much to do at home but I’m at work where I have too little.  Somedays I have too much work stuff to do and home stuff interferes.  Today was one of those days.  I had unexpected things to do at work – a computer that I spent way more time trying to fix than I thought I would and then still had to call for help which always frustrates me.  I had to leave work on time because I had committed to picking up some files from the church for their website.  I thought I had plenty of time to do that and still make it on time to pick up my daughter from school not knowing that the pastor’s laptop is having troubles too.  Then there is the debacle of the miracle communication tool of our time (said skeptically)  – the cell phone.  I rarely use mine and only for keeping in contact with my kids when they need me to pick them up from various activities.  I tried every cell number I had and got nothing but voicemail boxes, then tried our home number and got the internet answering machine.  I was late picking up my daughter and when we got home my son had already left to pick her up.  It was a Chinese firedrill day.  I accomplished very little of what I started out to do this morning but in the end we all had dinner together and I’ll start over tomorrow.