Shake it off

Today in the news:
“A deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security is in a Maryland jail today, awaiting extradition to Florida on child pornography charges.”

Life is a parody

I had a bad morning and it wasn’t anything big – just a string of little bad things. I was running late this morning which is something I hate, the kids forgot to take the trash out, I had to make an extra trip to my daughter’s school because she forgot something. There was also a list of detail oriented things that had to be taken care of today and limited time causing me to stress about them, then I got to work and two emails made a bad start worse. The funny thing about email is that you can’t tell a person’s tone from it. I make assumptions from what I read and then have to step back and try to put things in context. The first email sounded rude and abrasive and I think it was meant that way. I solved the problem and was able to respond and I doubt that there will be a thank you. The other email sounded negative and I may have over-reacted and I will see to it that there won’t be a repeat by changing my behavior in this circumstance.

At the end of the day I went by to pay my tax guy and after plunking down a fairly healthy check spent a half hour fixing his computer for free.

There is a bible story about the apostle Paul being on a ship with some other prisoners who were being taken to Rome. The ship broke up and landed them and the crew on an island. The people there built a fire and as they stood around the fire and dried out, and ate the food the people brought them; Paul reached to put some wood on the fire and a poisonous snake bit him. The people watched him and waited for his arm to swell up and for him to die but Paul simply shook off the snake and kept going and ended up writing letters that teach lay out theology for us and teach us about the nature of God. He founded churches and stayed in contact with them giving teaching, encouragement, and admonishment when needed.
Life is full of snakes – I need to learn to be more like Paul