Getting ahead (gasket, that is)

Have you ever noticed how every time you get a little extra money together something big breaks? It is tax time and after we dropped off the documentation and asked our tax guy to just leave a message on the answering machine if we needed to leave the country; we found that we were actually going to get a little money back from the government. We started thinking about what we should do with the money. This morning my husband called home five minutes after leaving for work and I had to run around waking up kids and throwing on clothes so that I could pick him up at six thirty (yes – a.m.) without getting arrested for ugly pajamas. The short form of the story is that instead of the problem being the radiator (which was sixty-five dollars worth of the problem) we found that the head gasket is leaking and the solution is either another engine or a repair, either of which comes to about twelve hundred dollars which is surprise! : slightly more that the tax return will be. This also means that hubby will be without his truck for several weeks and I will be playing school chauffer for the kids again. Now we have an easy decision about what to do with the tax return.

I sure hope we never win the lottery!